Behind the Design – The Sheep Jumper

Margaret O'Leary sitting cross-legged on a yellow armchair. She is wearing a black knit jumper with white sheep on it and holding a blue book with the title "Seaside interiors" printed on the spine.

One chic sheep, two chic sheep, three chic sheep… Our Sheep Jumper is a touchable classic black crewneck featuring a flock of ivory sheep. See how this staff favorite began its journey at our San Francisco design studio. 

A darkened image of two clothing designers review fabric swatches. A hand-drawn sketch of the sheep jumper is overlayed on the image. Next to the drawing is the text "the initial sketch".

Inspired by an icon — Our Sheep Jumper was created as a tribute to Princess Diana’s iconic sheep sweater. 

A close-up view of the sheep jumper. Small paper sheep are pinned to the sweater indicating that the placement of the sheep is being decided.

Placement is key — Our favorite sheep are the two kissing on the left sleeve. So romantic!

Product photo of a smiling model wearing the sheep jumper in front of a grey backdrop. Overlay text reads "the final product".

The final fit — Relaxed and effortless for an easy grab-and-go. Ideal for layering over tees or collared shirts.

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