Behind the Seams

A transparent look at our production process.

step one

Design & Create at our San Francisco Studio

Founded in 1990 by Margaret O’Leary, our eponymous clothing brand has become a beloved symbol of timeless style and impeccable craftwork. Since emerging nearly 35 years ago as a hand-knit sweater line, we have continued to design our collections in our beloved hometown of San Francisco.

Step Two

Carefully Source our Yarns

We personally meet with textile artisans throughout the world to source the most sumptuous cashmere, finest Merino wool, as well as the softest linen and organic cotton available. With a signature feel that comes from the finest, supremely soft, earth-friendly fibers—including Margaret’s favorite Scottish cashmere—we task ourselves each season with finding the best yarns possible.

Step Three

Scout Expert Manufacturers

Equipped with finalized designs and carefully selected yarns, we scout manufacturers renowned for their track record in delivering the highest quality product. Each season, we depend on the expertise of our partners from around the world for producing our collections. Though our partners may change from season-to-season depending on what we choose to produce, we frequently entrust our creations to the seasoned craftsmanship of our partners in Peru, Portugal, China, Italy, and the United States.

step four

Test & Edit Samples

Once our samples arrive, our team wear-tests and edits each style. Margaret is typically seen sporting next season’s collection around our design studio, as she gives it the final seal of approval before production begins.

Step five

Produce in Small Batches

We prefer to keep our production runs small – not only does this give us the opportunity to minimize excess inventory and create new styles, but it overall requires less energy and reduces waste. By promoting quality over quantity and investing in creating timeless pieces, we hope to reduce the demand for fast fashion and its strain on resources. 


Quality over Quantity

We could not imagine doing it any other way! For nearly 35 years we’ve been dedicated to creating heirloom-quality clothing meant to be loved and lived in, repaired and shared. Our process is labor-intensive and time-consuming, with every detail meticulously considered. However, the effort is worth it to achieve a distinctive aesthetic that transcends trends and emphasizes longevity.

our manufacturing partner certifications include: