We are always looking for evermore meaningful ways to responsibly engage with our habitats and their inhabitants. With mindful sourcing and by promoting quality over quantity and investing in creating timeless pieces, we hope to reduce the demand for fast fashion and its strain on resources.

Prioritizing animal welfare is paramount to us, and we exclusively collaborate with cashmere producers who enforce high standards for goat protection. These standards cover various aspects, including breeding, shearing, feeding, transportation, and overall health and welfare of the goats.

We take our responsibility seriously and promptly address any deviation from these essential standards. Our firm belief is that no animal should endure hunger, thirst, discomfort, pain, injury, or disease. Additionally, we advocate for the freedom of animals to express normal behavior, ensuring they live happy and comfortable lives.

In Inner Mongolia, the surge in sheep and goat farming has caused extensive degradation to the grasslands covering 67% of the region. This degradation contributes to desertification and a decline in biodiversity, impacting both cashmere farms and the environment.

Our focus on sourcing from sustainable farms not only safeguards animal welfare but also contributes to the protection of Inner Mongolia, preventing overgrazing and irreversible environmental damage. 

Favoring sustainable materials like organic cotton and natural fibers, which have a lower environmental impact, we prioritize the level of artistry and craft required to create luxury garments capable of withstanding wear, reducing the need for replacements and waste, while encouraging repair and up-cycling to extend their lifespan.

Made with the future in mind, our goal is to foster an emotional connection with our clothing, encouraging individuals to avoid treating clothing as disposable items and contributing to a more eco-friendly and ethical fashion industry. 


Our four tips for prolonging the life of your knitwear:



One of our favorite ways to minimize environmental impact and keep our sweaters looking beautiful is to opt for hand washing! 

If you choose to hand-wash your wool and cashmere, here are a few easy steps: 

1. Fill with lukewarm water and a small amount of gentle, dye-free detergent. 

2. Submerge your sweater and gently massage it. Soak for 30 min. 

3. Rinse with cool water until the water runs clear and there are no more suds. 

4. Gently press your sweater to let out excess water. Be careful to not twist or stretch it. 

5. Lay the sweater flat on a dry towel. Roll the towel up like a yoga mat, pressing as you go. 

6. Unroll and lay flat to finish drying. NEVER use a dryer! 

Always check the care label if you are unsure how to take care for your sweater. If in doubt, dry cleaning is a safe option. 



We ship our items in reusable storage bags featuring a zip closure and breathable vents. Store your sweater folded flat inside this bag to keep it fresh and safe from moths or other environmental factors.

We do not recommend hanging knit sweaters. You may find that your hung sweater will grow and lose shape over time.




Pills appear when fibers tangle together in a tiny ball. These can form from rubbing, abrasion, or with wear. You'll find pills to be a normal part of owning cashmere and other soft knits.

A simple sweater comb is essential in preserving your favorite sweater. Lightly rub the comb over your sweater to get rid of any pilling.



In our current fast-fashion culture, replacing and disposing of barely used clothes has become the norm. We can take the "slow-fashion" approach by repairing and reusing the clothing that we already own.

To keep your Margaret O’Leary sweater looking great, we offer free de-pilling and minor repair services within one year of purchase. Bring your item to one of our stores, and our staff will take care of the rest. Can't make it to a store? Reach out to web@margaretoleary.com for assistance.