City Spotlight, Boston Massachusetts

Welcome to Boston, Massachusetts! A city known for its vibrant cultural scene, rich historical heritage, and delectable cuisine. After you’ve stopped by Margaret O’Leary Boston, here are a few places to explore amazing architecture, and grab bites, drinks, and sweets. From historical landscapes to relaxing ambiances, here is a list of must-visit spots for your next visit.

Boston waterfront with old buildings
Inside Toscano Restaurant
Dine like a regular at Toscano

Nestled among the antique shops, boutiques, and cafés along Beacon Hill's famous Charles Street, Toscano Restaurant remains a staple of Boston's oldest neighborhood. A perfect European landscape in which to enjoy a traditional Tuscan meal.

Artisan chocolates from Beacon Hill Chocolate
Indulge in Sweets at Beacon Hill Chocolates

Our Charles Street neighbor invites you to explore and experience the flavors and culture of chocolate. Beacon Hill Chocolates represents artisan chocolate producers who create quality products using traditional and innovative chocolate-making techniques. Stop by and treat yourself to something sweet!

Inside the Boston Public Library
Enjoy architecture at the Boston Public Library

Established in 1848, the Boston Public Library was the first public library to lend books, the first to have a branch library, and the first to have a children's room! Sit back for a cup of tea in one of the library’s tea lounges, or enjoy the amazing architecture of the building.

Outside seating at Beacon Hill Books & Cafe
Relax with a book and a bite at Beacon Hill Books & Cafe

Beacon Hill Books & Cafe is a wonderful hangout spot around the corner, where a lovingly curated selection of reads meets a warm atmosphere. This shop is a love letter to Boston and a spot for afternoon tea with friends or for a solo adventurer looking to relax with a book and a bite.

The Wig Shop cocktail menu
Sip on a cocktail at The Wig Shop

The Wig Shop strives to elevate the cocktail experience in Boston in a relaxed, comfortable lounge atmosphere to enjoy company and let the worries of the day slowly slip away after each sip. They only use the finest ingredients, local preferably, to curate an ever-changing list of custom cocktails for you to choose from.

Explore centuries-old architecture at the North End
Take a stroll at the North End

The North End is the place to go for great eats! Boston's Little Italy is the city’s oldest neighborhood, famous for its Italian restaurants and pastry shops, and centuries-old architecture. Stroll around this Italian American enclave to discover its narrow, cobbled alleys and iconic streets like Hanover Street.

Explore The North End