When it comes to cozy, Denver knows best! Read our feature in Denver Life Magazine and learn why Margaret O'Leary sweaters have become a local favourite!

Margaret O’Leary Sweaters

Elevate your fall wardrobe while staying cozy with luxury knitwear and cashmere from Margaret O’Leary.


As temperatures drop, the search begins for the perfect sweater to weather the autumn chill. Enter Margaret O’Leary in Cherry Creek. Founded over 30 years ago by the brand’s namesake, Margaret O’Leary sweaters will keep you warm and stylish through a lifetime of frosty excursions and cozy days at home.

Celtic Inspiration

Born and raised on the windy coasts of Western Ireland, O’Leary and her Irish roots are inextricably woven into each stitch. “Growing up hand-knitting my family’s clothes, quality was most important to us, as the items we made had to last long enough to pass down. To this day, that same level of quality remains embedded in our brand’s DNA,” O’Leary says.

Quality begins with material. O’Leary’s textiles are sustainably sourced, buttery, and durable all at once. Wool sweaters boast 100% merino wool, allowing for a softer and lighter feel without sacrificing warmth. The signature plush cashmere comes from the downy undercoats of Mongolian goats and is hand-combed and spun using Scotland’s renowned soft waters and age-old techniques.

The Forever Trend

O’Leary—whose pieces have dressed everyone from Jane Fonda to Madonna—isn’t concerned with the trend cycle. “I take so much pride in hearing how many customers have a Margaret O’Leary sweater from years past but refuse to let it go because, after all this time, it’s still their favorite piece.”

The fall ’23 collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to enduring designs. An earth-toned, ’70s-inspired cornucopia of bold stripes and chic stitches in hues of chocolate, okra, and evergreen, the collection features classic chunky knits and elegantly timeless cuts. With a myriad of colors and patterns at play, the pieces are perfect for layering. As the days get brisker, O’Leary recommends wearing the soft cashmere pullover under the classic cashmere cardigan. For a simple yet refined outfit addition, the cashmere wrap provides “the ultimate blend of comfort and luxury.”