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Color: ASST

The Mesh Washing Bag by The Laundress. Help protect wool, delicates, embellished items—even denim and activewear—from tangles and snags in the machine with our thoughtfully designed Mesh Washing Bags. These fine-mesh bags add a layer of protection to items during the wash while still allowing for effective laundering.


  • Mesh bags to help protect wool, delicates, and embellished items during machine washing and drying
  • Fine mesh with zipper closures and gusset design
  • Set of two bags: 15" x 18" and 20" x 24"

How to use:
Gently place your garment inside your small or large Mesh Bag before adding to the washing machine. Avoid overstuffing your Mesh Bag to prevent rips and tears. Once you add your garment, zip the bag shut and add to your washing machine’s drum before proceeding with washing.​

​If you are not placing bags in the dryer, hang to dry. Ensure bags are completely dry before storing.​

​We recommend using a mesh washing bag for delicate items, knits, activewear, and any embellished pieces when you’re including them in a load of laundry. Washing with mesh bags provides an essential layer of protection for fabrics, helping prevent snagging and tearing. It's also important to use a Mesh Bag for any delicate items like knits to protect them during the spin cycle. If you have an item that has hardware (such as zippers, buttons, or heavy detailing), insert it into a mesh bag so it won’t damage other items in the load during washing. ​

Ideal for: socks, hosiery, lingerie, scarves, knits, items with embellishments, items with hardware (like zippers), etc. 


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