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  • Bloggers Love Margaret O'Leary's Fall Collection!

    Posted: Oct 09 2014

          Rachel Schwartzmann taking a stroll in the Decoder Scoop. The Style Line couldn't get enough of the Fall collection while visiting our NoLIta store. The Tweeter Tunic featured in the photo above was among their favorites. Nausheen Shah looks fabulous in our Bonnie Blazer.
  • The Style Line Interviews Margaret O'Leary

    Posted: Oct 01 2014

    Margaret O’Leary BY CHRISTINA PEARSON Margaret O’Leary has bridged the gap between fashion and function. As we head into cooler weather, the Irish-born and now California-based knitwear designer is already making waves on the East Coast. Her newly-opened Nolita boutique has become a destination for the style-minded seeking fall essentials with quality. From cable-knit to cashmere, we found ourselves overwhelmed with choice – Each piece radiated possibility and practicality that comes with fall dressing. Yet what struck us most, was the genuine passion radiating from Margaret as offered her take on select pieces and shared the origins of her brand. A true purveyor of craftsmanship, we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to share Margaret’s insights, more on her design endeavors  and the influence city-living has held in her profession and beyond. Story and interview by Rachel Schwartzmann conducted with Margaret O’Leary in September 2014 in New York City for The Style Line. PLEASE INTRODUCE YOURSELF!  I find beauty in all things...
  • New York Times Fashion & Style Features Margaret O'Leary NoLIta Store Opening

    Posted: Sep 19 2014

  • Margaret Shares Cashmere Care Secrets With

    Posted: Sep 19 2014


      Because I'm willing to bet you've heard it a hundred times but still don't believe it, I'll say it again: Washing pieces by hand is easier than you think and completely worth it for extending the life, shape, and general well-being of your clothing. Sweater season is so close I can smell it, and all the future fun spent snuggled and swathed in your favorite wool, cashmere, and cotton blends has a downside: Your most-loved pieces are going to require a wash before the holidays. I'm an amateur hand-washer—I know the basics, but every time I run the water and pour in soap, I'm concerned I'm doing something wrong. To clarify, I called in a pro, San Francisco-based designer Margaret O'Leary, and had her go over the proper steps. Step #1: Turn sweaters inside out."This minimizes the friction and will prevent yarn from pilling," she explained. Step #2: Fill...
  • Pure Wow Is Psyched for Margaret O'Leary Fall Collection

    Posted: Sep 19 2014

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